Changing School Food

A friend just shared this wonderful article with me about a woman in Detroit who did an incredible job of transforming school food. More out-of-the-box thinking is what we need if we’re going to change our current system. I know in our District that we’re too bogged down with Federal guidelines and state audits. How great would out be if we said good bye to the federally subsidized school lunch program and gained more control over the foods we offer our kids?


2 thoughts on “Changing School Food

  1. Great posting. I recently read this article as well. It is amazing what can happen when the naysayers get out of the way of progressive thinking and action. It’s not rocket science people! Kids who depend on schools for the only nutritious meal they may be getting don’t need to be casualties of school districts that keep doing things the same way as they have in the past because they are handicapped by out- dated contracts with vendors. And let’s keep in mind…..these vendors have one thing in mind…..profits. Here’s what we should do in Buffalo, all of the administrators of the school lunch program who don’t see anything wrong with providing children with less than healthy meals, should be served the same school lunches for one week. I would be very interested in seeing if the administrators opinion changed as to what should be served in schools. I realize it is a much larger issue than my comments allude to…..but we need to start somewhere. Thanks for taking such an interest in the health of our community’s children.


  2. What an incredible story!! I envy the free breakfast lunch and dinner(!) for the kids. Doubling the budget was a great first step. Without the funding these programs can’t happen. It also helps to have a driven leader like Wiggens!!


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