You Think They’re Too Young To Know…

Unknown-1Today my 2nd grade 7 year old daughter had a play date with 2 other 7 year olds. I overheard them talking and the one girl said she had told her mom that she was  having pain in her chest. Her mom took her to the doctor and they were told that she is going through early puberty, developing breasts, and will probably get her period by 5th grade. She then said that she’s going to have to start wearing a bra and they engaged in a lively conversation about bras. It  ended with a discussion about the latest hair dying rage for teens and adults, ombre, and then they went back to playing with  dolls.


One thought on “You Think They’re Too Young To Know…

  1. As a kid, I remember often being embarrassed by adults suspecting or wondering if I knew about sexual things LONG after I learned about them from classmates. There’s a transmission of culture that happens kids to kids that adults are unfortunately blind to.


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