Suicide. Tonight I’m Sad.

There is a beautiful, young creative person that I know from afar. She committed suicide today. I don’t know if she had support groups around her. I don’t know if it would have mattered but I’d like to think that it would have. Our suicide service prevention site is below and so is a national hotline. Find out what your crisis center is and keep that information close.


2 thoughts on “Suicide. Tonight I’m Sad.

  1. So sad to see someone go before their time. What a tragedy. We need to know the signs and step in whenever we see the possibility. My prayers go to the family and to the Elmwood village community. A sad loss.


  2. It breaks my heart to hear when someone commits suicide -especially a child. One of my sons teammates committed suicide and I first asked “why?” What goes on in a child’s head to want to do something like that -can life be that rough at that young of an age??


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